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As the oldest English-founded city in North America, St. John's residents define its unique Newfoundland culture. Being a part of this metropolis, you enjoy its heritage and share the historic beauty as an ocean coast place to live.

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No matter where you live in St. John's, we understand your children deserve only the very best loving care that you can provide for them. Take comfort in knowing we will provide you with a skilled nanny who is responsive to you and the individual needs of your family and your children.

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We know that you expect the very best standards for your children and that is why we are constantly striving to provide the best quality nanny service in St. John's.

We provide the best by first, learning about your family and deliver exactly the custom, quality care that you demand. We know you expect only the best caregivers and that is why we diligently screen all of our nannies to make sure that they have the best references, proper medical certificates and police screening.

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As one of Canada's largest and most trusted placement agencies since 1998, you can be rest assured we take special pride in you and your community.

Located alongside the Atlantic Ocean, St. John's is the most easterly city in North America with a population of 188,000. The city's metropolitan area Mount Pearl, Conception Bay South, Paradise, and eleven other towns. Known for its eclectic style, the downtown streets are lined with multi-coloured historic homes, steep hills, and friendly faces. The downtown core is famous for its nightlife and rich musical culture.

Of all the major Canadian cities, St. John's tops them all as the foggiest, snowiest, wettest, windiest, and cloudiest. The role of the ocean is now tied to what lies beneath (oil and gas) as opposed to what traverses in it, spurring population growth and commercial development. There are two main tourist attractions. Signal Hill with Cabot Tower overlooks the city scape, harbour and Atlantic Ocean, and Cape Spear National Historic Site is the easternmost point in North America. The Rooms cultural facility, Railway Coastal Museum, Johnson Geo Centre, Pippy Park, Bowring Park, Bannerman Park, and many more are great culture spots to visit. St. John's is home to North America's oldest annual sporting event, the Royal St. John's Regatta, which dates back to the early 1800s. Gros Morne National Park on the west coast, Terra Nova National Park on the east and L'Anse aux Meadows at the northern tip shape the heart and provide soul to the island. What's not to love about living here? With ample things to do, see and learn from in this area, our nannies can deliver the care and attention you would expect for your child as you go about your busy day.

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We understand that you and your family have unique needs so we take the time to learn how you live and find the nanny who fits perfectly into your hectic lifestyle. Whether it's long or short term, you'll take comfort in knowing we'll work hard to find that perfect fit - we even guarantee it.

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