Okanagan Valley

How to find the best nanny service in Okanagan Valley

Living in the Okanagan Valley, we know you are a part of a thriving region with a population of over 350,000 devoted to the history of the land as well as teaching that history to your children.

Only the best for you.

No matter where you live in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of southern British Columbia, like Kelowna or Vernon, we understand your children deserve only the very best loving care that you can provide for them. Take comfort in knowing we will provide you with a skilled nanny who is responsive to you and the individual needs of your family and your children.

Okanagan Valley expects the best.

We know that you expect the very best standards for your children and that is why we are constantly striving to provide the best quality nanny service in the Okanagan Valley.

We provide the best by first, learning about your family and deliver exactly the custom, quality care that you demand. We know you expect only the best caregivers and that is why we diligently screen all of our nannies to make sure that they have the best references, proper medical certificates and police screening.

We deliver experience.

As one of Canada's largest and most trusted placement agencies since 1998, you can be rest assured we take special pride in you and your community.

And we know the Valley. With its dry, sunny climate, the lakeshore communities are home to families who enjoy the leisure lifestyle with abundance of outdoor activities all year round, such as boating, watersports, skiing and hiking. There are lots of places to go for day trips, such as the Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park and Cougar Canyon Ecological Reserve, and many fruit stands to visit along the drive. Also, in the last twenty years, this valley has grown into a wine region with over 200 vineyards and 120 wineries. With ample things to do, see and learn from in this area, our nannies can deliver the care and attention you would expect for your child as you go about your busy day.

Tell us - What do you need?

We understand that you and your family have unique needs so we take the time to learn how you live and find the nanny who fits perfectly into your hectic lifestyle. Whether it's long or short term, you'll take comfort in knowing we'll work hard to find that perfect fit - we even guarantee it.

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