From time to time we do get Caregivers from Canada that are available. The cost for these Caregivers is $1200.

It is FREE to register as an Employer with CanadaEliteCare.

Employing foreign, live-in caregivers in Canada can be very important for a family in need of care for their children, an elderly or disabled person. Before you apply to hire a foreign live-in caregiver please note that the live-in caregiver must:

  • work for you in a private home
  • live with you, the employer
  • be provide with a private, furnished room within the home
  • be employed on a full-time basis
  • meet Citizenship and Immigration Canada's requirements for language, education and work skills necessary to function in the Canadian labour market

For more detailed information please visit: http://www.hrsdc.gc.ca/en/epb/lmd/fw/lcp.shtml

To match your family's needs fill in the Employer Registration form online.

What is Included?

  • Full time full service Agency.
  • Real people answer your telephone calls and e-mails.
  • We have several office and you are more than welcome to drop by and see us.
  • Choose from our extensive online database.
  • Conference call between you & your caregiver.
  • All paper work is completed by our staff
  • HRSDC Application.
  • Customized Employer / Caregiver contract to conform to your provincial labour laws.
  • Ads are placed (Job Bank, etc.)
  • All documents Express Couriered to HRSDC.
  • Exclusive online step by step progress report of the status of the application & arrival of your caregiver.
  • The CCCS Nanny Arrival Package
  • Include many helpful hints & information. Example: SIN Card Application, Health Card, etc.
  • Help with CRA for Employer deductions.
  • On-going support with Employer & Caregivers.
  • Quarterly Newsletters.
  • Our famous ONE YEAR written replacement guarantee.
  • References available from clients in your community upon request.
  • Member of the Better Business Bureau & Chamber of Commerce.

*Warning: Many Nanny Agencies pretend to be in Canada and they are overseas. CCS is owned, operated & licensed in Canada.

Here is a chart to give you some ideas of the costs for a live-in caregiver. This chart is a guideline only; rates, deductions, remittances, change from time to time. Please refer to the CRA website for up to date information.


Contact Number: 1-800-959-5525

Province of Employment British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan New Brunswick
Gross Monthly Salary Income 1280 1834.00 1520 1120
Federal Tax Deductions 59 119.59 93.69 35.87
Provincial Tax Deductions 0 32.80 77.04 39.31
Total Tax on Salary Income 59 152.39 170.73 75.18
CPP Deductions 48.92 76.35 60.8 41
EI Deductions 23.04 31.73 27.36 20.16
Total Deductions on Salary Income 130.96 260.47 258.89 136.34
Net Amount 1149.04 1573.53 1261.11 983.66
Maximum Room & Board Deduction 325 336 250 0
Net Monthly Pay to Live-in Caregiver $824.04 $1237.53 $1011.11 $983.66
Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
The employer's contribution is an amount equal to the total of the employee's contribution.
Employment Insurance (EI)
As an employer, your contribution is 1.4 times the amount of the employee's premiums for the pay period, unless a reduced rate applies.