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Why Daycare May Be Making Your Child Sick

Lurking on the surfaces of cribs, highchairs and even children's noses are a petri dish of germs and contagions. The average daycare breeds a myriad of runny noses and sniffles that can lead to a classroom full of sick tots who seem to go from one cold and flu to the next all winter long. And if by some freak win of the immunity lottery, your child doesn't come down with this year's strain of H1N1, there's always pink eye, head lice and fifth disease to worry about.

When busy moms and dads drop their kids off at daycare they are headed to work. The necessity of their situation means that often times they are delivering their young ones whether their snotty noses have turned the color of pea soup or not. Take a couple of these sick kids in a small room and sooner or later you've got a toddler-sized epidemic. The good news is there is a solution to the continuous cycle of flus and colds: an in-home nanny.

Now before you dismiss the idea, consider this. According to a study by The American Journal of Public Health, children attending childcare centers had higher rates of early communicable illnesses, including ear infections, upper respiratory illnesses and gastrointestinal sickness. Those left in the care of a nanny reported considerably fewer incidents of illness. That means less time off for working parents and happier, healthier kids. And on those rare occasions when at-home kids do develop a bad cold, having a nanny means there is always someone to take care of a sick child and even manage the frequent doctor visits.

CanadaEliteCare is one of Canada's most trusted placement agencies for in-home help. Our highly-qualified, well-screened caregivers have been fully vetted to insure the safety and well-being of your most-precious possessions -- your children. We are so confident in our nannies, we offer a free replacement policy in the event that you are not satisfied or if problems arise. To learn how an in-home nanny can enhance the health, stability and well-being of your child, contact us.

Nothing to Fear

The reasons parents can feel confident hiring a nanny

Hiring a nanny to care for your children is one of the most important parenting decisions you'll ever make. Not only will your nanny be spending a large quantity of time with your children, but he or she will be responsible for caring for, nurturing and teaching your growing little ones. If this is your first child, or even if it's not, there are sure to be anxieties that come from leaving your child in the care of someone else. Knowing and understanding what goes into training and screening a nanny can go a long way toward alleviating those fears.

As you move through the process of finding a nanny that's right for your family, these are some of the concerns that you may face:

How do I know I can trust this individual? At CanadaEliteCare our nannies are professional, hardworking, reliable and trustworthy people. Not only is our business in very high standing, our nannies are fully-screened and meet or exceed strict Canadian government standards. In fact, our selection process is so stringent, only the top 10 percent of all those who apply with our agency are selected.

How do I know this person is safe for my family? All of our nannies have undergone thorough medical and finger printing screenings. They have received police security clearance from the Canadian Embassy, as well as the governments of any other nation in which they were employed and their country of origin.

What happens if the nanny is not a good fit for us? We know that hiring a great nanny is as much about individual compatibility as it is about credentials. That's why we offer a no hassle replacement guarantee. If for any reason you are uncomfortable with the nanny we place in your home, we will take the necessary action to resolve the situation in a quick and timely manner. Our commitment to finding the right match for your family is the reason CanadaEliteCare can boast a successful home placement rate of 97 percent!

Will my nanny replace me in my child's life? Many parents fear the bond that develops between a child and a nanny. The bottom line is this, children know the difference between a parent and a caregiver. By having a nanny, a child's love is multiplied not divided. Hiring a nanny is not to replace your relationship with your child but to provide you the support and help you need for a successful, loving family. How is a nanny better than a babysitter? Nannies are more than hired child-care workers. For the majority of our nannies, this is their chosen career path. Because they live with you and grow with your children, they become part of the family, often traveling on vacations and attending gatherings -- not as employees but as beloved members of your family.

How do I handle not being there when my child needs me? Parents often ask: What if my child gets hurt? What if he wants me and I'm not there? The reality is there will be times when both of these instances are true. However, when you have a nanny you have the peace of mind of knowing someone you trust will be there even if you can't be.